Solutions for Asset Managers

  • Uncertainty and risk have never been higher for asset managers. Liquid assets are suddenly becoming illiquid, big banks are collapsing and credit insurers threaten to default on their obligations.
  • At the same time, asset managers are under the double pressure of having to keep costs low and respond to regulatory changes.
    In such an environment you need the right team to support you.
  • ISP Securities offers a complete solution that helps asset managers spend less time on administration, and devote more time to actual trading, managing risk and optimizing the yield on assets.

IB is the perfect solution for Asset Managers. But there is a limitation: at Interactive Brokers directly you may not charge fees according to your model of choice. Your solution: hold your client accounts at ISP Securities AG in Switzerland. ISP Securities AG is a Swiss authorized securities dealer and partner broker of Interactive Brokers LLC. Your clients open their accounts at ISP Securities AG in Zurich, Switzerland. ISP Securities opens anonymous direct access accounts at Interactive Brokers LLC. «One shoe fits all» is not our approach - we understand that your needs as Asset Manager as well as your clients are different. We will setup your tailor-made fee-model – no methodical limitations apply.

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